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Information and articles relating to the grape drink, wine.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of grapes and grape juice. Wine-like beverages can be produced by the fermentation of other fruits and flowers (fruit or country wines), barley (barley wine), rice (sake), honey (mead), and even herbs (Chinese wine). However, in such cases a qualifier is often legally required (e.g., "elderberry wine").

The English word wine and its equivalents in other languages are protected by law in many jurisdictions.

Wine Articles.

This article has Jeroboam Wine Facts. It has some information relating to wine and the bottle, Jeroboam.

This article has a Wine Etymology. Explains the likely origin of the word, wine.

An article about Wine Producing Regions of the world. Did you know that? "In 2000, Great Britain imported more wine from Australia than from France for the first time in history".

This article has a Wine Early History theme. The article looks at the origin of the use and development of wine in early cultures, including Ancient Egypt.

Here is an article about Wine Grape Varieties. Discusses the use of Vitis vinifera and hybrids.